My Lace Maker

My Lace Maker
MSRP: 499 € (without taxes)
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Design your own beautiful lace!
Plus, all the tools you need to transform any embroidery design into free standing lace!

No digitizing skills needed! Design your own beautiful lace from over 1100 motifs. Plus, all the tools you need to transform any embroidery design into free standing lace. Select from more than 280 shapes, fill them with motifs, add an airy grid and column connections.

Designing your own lace is easy!

Step 1. Use the built-in library to select the lace elements.

Step 2. Add as many or as few lace elements as you want.

Step 3. Fill in the empty spaces with a lace grid. Change colors of any elements as desired.

Multiple ways to stitch!
  • Stitch lace designs directly on water soluble stabilizer (no fabric needed!)
  • Stitch lace designs on fabrics (like netting or tulle) with water soluble stabilizer. Trim away the excess fabric.
  • Stitch lace designs directly on to fabric.
Specialty Features
Library of 1130 designs
  • 52 Bubble
  • 216 Classic Lace
  • 9 Danglers
  • 45 Little Black Tee Elements
  • 219 Paisley Border Elements
  • 138 Potpourri
  • 61 Sea
  • 2 Fringe
  • 222 Border Elements
  • 156 Neckline Elements
  • 13 Examples
  • Library of 285 Shapes
  • 20 built-in Backdrops
  • True type fonts
  • Customizable lace grid
  • Lace grid with border
  • Add hole
  • Run stitch
  • Column connection
Editing Features
  • Copy, paste
  • Print templates
  • Alignment marks
  • Group/ungroup
  • Combine and break apart
  • Change order
  • Repeat tool
  • Carousel
  • Reflect
  • Alignment tools
View Features
  • Backdrop tool: built in backdrops
  • Add your own backdrop
  • 3-D
  • Grid
  • Hoop view
Drawing Features
  • Drawing tools: pen, rectangle, ellipse, triangle, diamond, star, hexagon, heart, leaf and flower
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