Word Art in Stitches

Word Art in Stitches
MSRP: 599 € (without taxes)
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Word Art in Stitches Embroidery Software
Express yourself in stitches!

Provides all the tools you need to create beautiful, professional and whimsical lettering in one program.

Word Art in Stitches works for everything from fun to functional and includes hundreds of custom features, designs and embellishments.

Now it’s easier than ever to express yourself in stitches with just a few clicks of a button!

Test before you buy

By installing the Tool Shed software you can test the Word art software as long as you want.
To try a program. Go to the bottom right corner, click on the caddy icon and there appears the software, click on the 3rd… and try. Only saving your work will not be possible.


The software will automatically notify you if there are any updates or upgrades available. And they will always be FREE.

WordArt software features 

Simple and useful everyday functions to enhance your embroidery designs.

 250 fonts and monograms!

All styles, cursive, Serif, Sans Serif and monograms for all tastes.
Here is a small example:

672 Bubble text variants!

Choose from over 672 bubble shapes (Bubble = shape) . Enter the word or words with which you want to fill the form. Choose your favorite color palette, font and word orientation. Press “Apply” and you have a shape filled with your unique words! Keep clicking the “Apply” button for countless variations. Once your favorite layout is placed on the screen, you can group or ungroup for even more editing and customization. The outline can be a simple straight stitch or an appliqué!

Example with sewing machine bubble:

But as you can add shapes it’s much more than 672…
And you can also use these empty shapes in satin, or appliqué, contour…. so still 1650 possible ways of use…

13 Puffy fonts! (use of 3d puffy foam)

Add texture and relief with 13 different puffy fonts.

The embroidery writings are digitized especially for the 3D puffy foam (3mm). The embroidery work punctures the foam with a clean finish. It’s easy, fun and adds a clever new dimension to embroidery projects.

10 Appliqués (lettering with fabric)

Choose from 10 different appliqué designs to embellish everything from t-shirts to sweatshirts, bags and more. Change the design to circular, regular or monogram for even more personalization.

19 Micro fonts !

Specially digitized scriptures that range from 3mm to 6mm in height. Use them for baby or doll clothes, quilt tags, shirt cuffs, logos or any other small location that needs a word, name, or phrase. Use bobbin thread and a 60 needle… the result is certainly bluffing !!!!

13 Calligraphy fonts !

Make a royal statement with the Calligraphy feature that includes 13 pre-digitized writing styles.

22 MONOGRAMS WITH 2/3 letters

Monograms alone, monograms to add to your designs, or monograms with designs included, and even intertwined… which is more than 22 monograms… anything is possible! Here are some examples

Have fun with text: envelope function

circles, stars, waves, you can let your creativity run free.

Have fun with text: distortions

Everything is possible with Word art software! Just like in the movies!

Monogram Wizard: 200 Templates

The big new feature of the February 2022 update is the Monogram Wizard!

Just choose the model and change the letter or the text… in 2 or 3 clicks you have your embroidery ready. Here is a small part of the possibilities:

747 mini designs included !

Including 335 mini patterns!!! Who has never looked for patterns that are 3 or 4.5 cm? Well, Word Art also has that!
Examples of patterns of 3.5 cm :

a whole choice to discover.


Want more?

  • You can use your own True Type fonts
  • 22 “ink spots” designs
  • 57 “stamps” designs

Visualization features

  • Realistic 3D view
  • Sequence of design
  • Design Gallery

Special features

  • Text along a shape or a path (round, star, spiral, etc)
  • Fairy tale effect – Oversized first letter
  • Line spacing adjustment
  • Fine tuning of the spacing
  • easy horizontal and vertical alignment
  • Import of artwork

Editing features

  • Change the Density, Overlay, Offset, Length and Width of stitches
  • Draw objects
  • Unlimited undo/redo
  • Resize with recalculation of points
  • Copy, Paste, Merge

What else can be said?

  • Easy to use!
  • Program without any external dependency!
  • Saves in DST, PES, HUS, JEF, VIP, VP3, EXP, XXX and many other formats

How do I get the WordArt software?

You must have already installed our free Tool shed software.
You will receive, after your purchase, a license number in your customer area with the procedure for the installation.