Tool Shed

Embroidery Tool Shed
199 € Value
Inspiration Software
Embroidery Software for Everyone!

Inspiration Software for Everyone
Get started today with The Embroidery Tool Shed!

Embroidery Tool Shed Software
Software Features
  • Read and write popular formats
  • Resize designs
  • Cut, Copy, Paste
  • Rotate and Mirror
  • Re-colorize designs
  • Print templates with image, color sequence and cross hair
  • Convert colors between brands
  • Design Analyzer
  • Stitch Sequence Simulator
  • Zoom, Pan, Realistic viewing options
  • View Stitch Ends, Commands
  • Adjustable Viewing Grid
  • View and Create Hoops
  • Junk Stitch Filter
Click here for Minimum System Requirements

The software is in English by default. To change the language to your preference (if available) :

1- Click the “Tools” menu

2- Click the “General Options” item inside this menu.

3- In the “General Options” window which will appear, choose you language from the list at the bottom.

4- Click “OK“.

5- A message will alert you that you need to restart the software. Do it now.

For further help about how to use your software, refer to the general manual (“Help” menu).