Software updates

April 2024
Embroidery Tool Shed version 24.40
: Bug Fix for Mac Printing

New Dime Translator Version 6 (Macintosh Utility).

In this new version we fixed the bug with “MacOS Sonoma” dealing with printing. We are now able to
print with version ETS 24.40 when using version 6 of Dime Translator.
All that needs to be done is, install the latest version of ETS. If you’re using ETS on the Mac, the software will look at what version of the “Dime Translator” you’re using. If you’re using a version below version 6, ETS will alert you to download the Dime Translator.

Embroidery Tool Shed version 24.37

Wireless to machine Icon change.

New thread charts to match ColorPlay kits :

  • Exquisite ColorPlay Brighton – Sherbet
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Capetown – Flamingo
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Carlsbad – Sunset
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Carmel – Citrus
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Chicago – Jewel Tones
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Dublin – Meadow
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Logan – Summer Berries
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Madison – Pansy Patch
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Miami – Cotton Candy
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Monterey – Fresh
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Nashville – Denim Blues
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Paris – Amberglow
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Provence – Purple Passion
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Rio – Carnival
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Santorini – Blue Ocean
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Savannah – Pastels
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Seattle – Forest
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Sedona – Desert Canyon
  • Exquisite ColorPlay Transylvania – Halloween

Updated all variegated thread chart (Exquisite Medley) to new formula.

Edge-to-edge quilting plugin :

  • Naming convention fixed for “E2E Bonus Pack”
  • We have reduced the 10 inches body internal restriction to 4 inches.
  • Minor adjustment between body designs.

New Software title : Embroidery Special Effects.

January 2024
Embroidery Tool Shed version 18.70

Active software’s within ETS :
When the customers activate any of our software’s titles, an icon became active to the right. Until recently, this has become a bit confusing. So we have changed the icon to match what can be found in the shopping cart.

Send designs to Brother / Babylock machines wirelessly.
Works in every software, with the exception of ETS alone and My Fabric Designer.
How it works:

  1. You will find a machine icon at the top (you must have a design open).
  2. This will bring up the Machines interface
  3. Clicking on the Edit button you can set up your machine by inputting the IP address and changing the name.
  4. Also, you can find a new search button that should show you a list of IP addresses available on your network.

Using Windows: This will show every IP on your network. Look for the one labeled
“Brother Embroidery Machine.”

Using Mac: You will not see the name to the right of the IP. Best to check your sewing machine’s
IP manually. Refer to your sewing machine’s manual for these instructions.

You can add mutable machine by clicking New.

New Software title : Embroidery Tool Shed Plus. This is a purchasable module, with all the features of ETS plus lettering capabilities, including 17 fonts (Bauhaus, Casual, Arial, Ribbon Love, Brush, Cap_Scr, Cursive, Diana, CurlyQ, Amgothicg, Centuri2, Athletic, VARSITY PUFF, Arial Applique, Round Monogram, Interlocking, and Fishtail) and Monogram wizard.

New Software add-on : Edge-to-Edge Quilting, a purchasable add-on to My Quilt Planner software. You must have an activated version of My Quilt Planner to have “Edge-to-Edge Quilting” appear for sale and activation.

August, 2023
Embroidery Tool Shed version 18.70

When using MacOS and selecting a manual to review. The manual loaded corrupted. This has been fixed.

Windows 11 brings a new warning message when installing unrecognized applications : “The app you’re trying to install isn’t a Microsoft-verified ap”. What to do when it pops up :

  1. Choose “Anywhere”
  2. Close window
  3. Re-launch ETSSetup.exe

MacOS Version Sonoma
This new version of ETS is compatible with Sonoma, the new version of MacOS (available since late September).
To be able to have this new version to work, you will need to download and install a new version of
Dime Translator. This New version can be downloaded in two ways.

  1. Install ETS version 18.70 or above. When this version runs on the Mac, it will look see what version
    of Mac Translator is running and if you are running an old version, it will ask you to download and
    install a new version.
  2. Download and install Dime Translator Version 50

June, 2023
Embroidery Tool Shed version 18.38

Click N Stitch : update to shaping issues (subtract, crop, trim) with the horizontal stripes.

Embroidery Tool Shed version 18.37

Mac issue using My Block Piecer and workflow. The numbers not showing in preview.

This build reads a new version of SVG correctly.

Hoops :

  • Update some hoops.
  • New Dime Monster Snap hoops added.
  • New Bernette B70 hoops added.

New software title : Cut’N Stitch

February, 2023
Embroidery Tool Shed version 18.25

Preview button in Design Open dialog – work on both Windows & MacOS.

The panels on the right are collapsible now.

Setting in General Options -> View for using realistic and default view (request from

Realist view is improved in large scales – good for demos.

Fixed the “Convert to outlines” setting not preserving in Open Dialog.

Fixes a problem with the highlighted selection.

The old Open & Save dialogs have been replaced with the new modern ones.
– It might not look like there was much of a change.
– But it will show all extensions when selected. (we have a lot, so it could be long)
– And work better on hi resolution displays, The old one was WinXP compatible – since we no longer support XP it was time to update them.

“Feltip” font the lowercase “n” looked the same as the lowercase “u”. has been fixed.

Easier and more accurate selection of satin paths (no need to click on the edges only) and overlapping paths (sometimes it used to select the ones behind)

Improved dark and bright color shades in realistic view. For example, the black color looks deep dark instead of dark gray.

The Sending to MFD button has been removed. Now you can use the dialog to export as PNG.

New Minimum System Requirements for PC:
– Windows 10
– Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster or SoC.
– RAM: 2 GB (64-bit)
– Free hard disk space: 16 GB.
– Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later with WDDM 1.0 driver.
– Display: 800 x 600
– Internet access.

November, 2022
Embroidery Tool Shed 17.31

Click here for the latest update information and the history.

This version update of all the Inspiration software’s is to make them compatible with MAC Catalina OS along with other minor bug fixes.

Installing the MAC OS, first download the latest version of the translator here:

(This must be installed first on your Mac)

After the translator is installed, download your software from:

The download will automatically go to your Downloads folder. Once finished click on the download icon and select your software.

  • You can also right click the download icon and select “Open Downloads”
    • This will open a window with your downloads to double click on at ease.

Once you double-click the download, the installer will launch and guide you through the installation. When complete and icon will be placed on your desktop.

NOTE: You MUST click on the download from the download link or double click on the download from the download window to launch the installer. Simply dropping the download in the apps folder is NOT the same as installing.